Netiquette O2O Business Suite

A complete system that comprises the Accounting, Inventory, POS, CRM and Payroll Modules. Netiquette O2O business suite is a combination of online and offline business management systems to meet the new trend of the future retail era to ensure both online and offline business platform growth synchronously.

O2O flowchart

O2O business suite


Manage sales transactions in physical Store, self pick up, payment.


Update items list in website, manage promotion, sales order, purchase and self pick up, payment.


Auto sync sales with stock level, manage inventory transaction, stock transfer between stores, multi-warehouses and locations.


Account real time update, bank reconciliation, financial reports.


Top sales customers, customer sales history, royalty program.


Salary management, time attendance, e-leave & e-claim, e-pay slip.

Netiquette User Benefits

netiquette cloud online software

Real time data updates

One stop complete solution for your business from online to retails to distribution solutions

Automatic Software Update

Improve productivities and reduce operation cost

Multiple accessibility from PC, Mac and Mobile Apps

Less headache to work with different vendor to combine the solutions

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